*Temporary closure due to COVID-19*

I'm sorry. The store is temporarily closed due to COVID-19. I hope a time comes I can provide to all of you again!

Where is the store based?

Tokyo, Japan


What is this store's return and exchange policy?

No returns.


Can I still pay by PayPal?

I no longer accept payments via PayPal from the following countries: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia. For these countries, I use credit processing through Square.

However, if if you cannot pay via credit card, you will still have the option to be invoiced via PayPal. You must be a Trusted Customer to use this method. Please choose "Pay by PayPal." Please note this method will require a $3 processing fee, and you will need to pay in 24 hours after the invoice has been received, or your order will be cancelled.


How long will it take to receive my order?

***Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are not currently accepting orders***

Shipping times are as follows, with exceptions*

Airmail: 6 business days - 3 weeks 

Express: 3-7 business days (under 1 week)


I think my package got lost.

I am sorry, but I am not responsible for lost mail. If you are worried about losing mail, you should choose a method with tracking, and then you can file a claim for lost mail through the post office.

If you did not choose tracking, the buyer should go to their local post office and inquire about the package. Please take your name and address and let them know you are waiting for a package from Japan. It is possible the package is at the post office.


I need to change my address.

For unshipped orders, please contact us with your new address with our contact form.


Can I have a refund?

As stated in our terms, we cannot accept cancellations due to the nature of our items. Additionally, we cannot provide refunds in the case of loss or damage by the postal service. If you wish to be reimbursed for loss or damages by the postal service, you must (1) choose a shipping method with tracking and (2) contact your postal service for reimbursement. If your postal service requires the sender to file the claim, please contact us using our contact form.

Threats to open disputes with PayPal will absolutely not be tolerated. You may be banned for using a third party to deal with issues involving this site. All inquiries should be through our contact form.


Can you write a lower value on the customs form?

No, all requests to modify the customs form will be ignored.

I do not know the customs policies of every country. The buyer will be responsible for all customs duties.


Item Condition

Please be aware. This is a SECOND HAND STORE. Although many items are unopened, they have passed through at least one person after being acquired through the normal retail means before getting to you. If you are especially sensitive to item condition, please do not buy from me.


Can I cancel my order?

I'm sorry, due to the nature of my items, I do not accept cancellations. Please be careful when purchasing.

If you need to cancel an order for an EMERGENCY, I may accept a cancellation in special cases. Please be aware I will only accept ONE emergency cancellation per customer.

*Please be honest, and do not lie to me. I appreciate honesty, and understand that stuff happens. I have the right to refuse business with people who are willingly dishonest with me.

Depending on the situation, even if an emergency cancellation is accepted, the buyer may be subject to a $0.30 transaction fee and possibly a 15% restocking fee.

Because all items in this store are sale/limited items. Refunds are processed as STORE CREDIT only.


Do you combine shipping?

Combined shipping is at the store's discretion, so you cannot request combined shipping. In the case I believe the package can be combined easily, I automatically combine shipping of active unshipped orders, if you ordered with the same name and address. Only orders in which the name and address are a match will be combined. Sometimes they will not be combined if I believe it will damage the item. If your order status has changed to "processing in progress" or "shipped" then it will not be combined with new orders, because the items have already been packed and/or entered the shipment stream.

In cases in which you overpaid the shipping fee, I will process a refund for you minus associated fees when your order has shipped. This is usually in the case of multiple orders in which you paid for tracking and/or express multiple times. This is almost never the case for the Airmail (NO TRACKING) option.


I messaged you a few days ago and didn't hear back.

Please check your spam folder. If you have not received ANY emails confirming you sent a message, then it is probably in your spam box. Please check the spam box and mark our email as "not spam" so that you may receive further communication from us.

Emails we send: order confirmation, message sent successfully, new message in thread, order processing in progress, order shipped, etc. If you have not received any messages with these subjects, please (1) check your spam folder or (2) check that your email address in written correctly on your account.

Especially, if you did not receive a "message sent successfully" email, then your message to our contact form was not sent successfully, so please send it again.

My business days are Tues-Fri (JST), and it may take up to 72 hours for me to respond during my business hours.

IF YOU CONTACTED US BY EMAIL, our email address is not regularly monitored. Please contact us through our contact form on this site.


Contacting me on Twitter

DMs and mentions through Twitter are NOT PREFERABLE. Please contact us through our contact form on this site.

The messages often get jumbled, and there's no way for me to know your name or if you are actually who you say you are. Also, people tend to change their usernames, which makes it even harder to keep track of people. Please use the contact form with IDENTIFYING INFORMATION. Thank you.

If you sent a message and did not receive an answer, please check your email's spam box.


How many items/orders do you get per month?

The number of items I get depends on the number of exclusive releases during any given time. I usually have a budget that I keep every month, rather than a number of items I stock; however, I usually process over 200 orders per month.


I really want this, but can you lower the price?

I do not accept price negotiations. All my prices are based on how much I pay for the item or a group of items. They are also loosely based on market value and are usually already under-market. I don't work that much profit into each item. Please understand I cannot lower prices for individual customers.


What happened to the cheaper $1 shipping option?

Due to misunderstandings about the no tracking option, the $1 airmail option is now only available in certain areas and to members of the Trusted Customers' Program.

More information on the Trusted Customers' Program can be found here: https://tigersplayground.com/content/10-trusted-customer-program


Which currencies do you accept?

I accept USD through PayPal or by credit/debit card.


Why did you stop using PayPal for some countries?

A few issues popped up with PayPal that led me to stop using PayPal as a main payment service.

1) PayPal disputes are in violation of the terms of service on this site. They are also time consuming in regards to contact through PayPal. Issues with this site are best resolved through the contact form on this site. Seller Protection is practically not real.

2) PayPal processed a fraudulent charge and then left me with fees, even though the customer contacted me directly that they received the item and would be willing to pay for it, since it was not paid for originally due to a PayPal processing error. Regardless, PayPal charged me a chargeback fee that was greater than the cost of the item and also took the price of the item out of my PayPal balance. They ignored me and the customer, and after giving me a runaround with their customer service, customer service insulted me. I would like to not drive business to them anymore.

3) PayPal charges an extremely higher rate for currency conversion. If you're credit/debit card does not use USD, I suggest using the credit card option on this site, as it will give a near-market rate on currency conversion and save you money.

4) PayPal is not transparent about the fees they charge, and it is constantly changing with very short warning.

5) Square is a trusted credit processing company that is focused on technology and security. In the future they may be able to provide more payment options, such as ApplePay.