Proxy buying will be open temporarily for a limited number of people/items.

I will be accepting orders for a number of websites. You must know the website or location where the item can be purchased.


Other retail websites may be available for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

I am not currently taking requests for Yahoo!Auctions Japan. Do not request these. I will not reply to these requests at all.

Otamart sales are possible, but an additional service fee ($2-4) will be added to your total. Please see special notes below for Otamart sales.

Payment Information

There are always two payments.

  1. Payment 1 is due before purchasing.
  2. Payment 2 is due before shipping.

Proxy flow:

  1. Apply.
  2. Payment 1 is requested. - Paid through storefront. You will be provided with a link.
  3. Payment 1 is accepted.
  4. Items are purchased.
  5. Items are received and packed. Shipping preference will be requested.
  6. Payment 2 is requested.
  7. Payment is accepted.
  8. Items are shipped.

Payment 1:

  • Items + shipping to me + other fees from source: JPY --> USD (market value + 1%)
  • My service fee: $5 + 5%
  • Additional fees, if applicable

Payment 2:

  • Shipping fee to you based on your shipping preference.
  • Service fee: 5%

Personal buying

I may not accept a personal request if you do not provide a source to buy them. If you provide a link in which the item is not available or sold out, I may deny your request without replying immediately.

If I can easily find the item through my own sources, however, I may accept your request.

An additional fee for research will be added to your total.

Depending on the source, this research fee can range from $1-$5, so please be aware of that.

For items that I will buy on-site, a travel and/or entrance fee may be required. Please don't request that I go to any event or specific place though. If I'm not going already, I will not be accepting the request and may simply not answer these requests.

For pickup from events I am already attending, there is no additional fee, but the base service fee may decrease, based on the number of buyers.

Otamart Notes

  • Otamart listings are not guaranteed, may require buying as a bundle, etc.
  • Please do your best to read the listing carefully.
  • Some listings are not available.
  • Some sellers are difficult to work with.
  • The items may be claimed by someone else.
  • I may deny your request.
  • You must be willing to pay immediately. Usually, if a product is inquired about, the seller will assume I have committed to buy, so only request from Otamart if you are absolutely going to buy it.
  • Usually Otamart listings will add shipping + processing fee of 11% to their listed price. Please read the listing carefully to see if this is the case.

Final Rules

Please be patient and courteous. Although I will try to answer promptly, I may be busy or unable to answer immediately to an application. But, if you do not follow the guidelines, I may not answer your request.

This is not for people just "looking for the prices." Serious requests only.

You cannot use discounts/promo codes on proxy buys. Please be aware. The shipping that is normally added through the checkout will be negated, but if you pay with another discount, your request may be cancelled, because you did not read the rules.

All orders processed through PayPal will have an additional fee added to the total ($3). Customers outside of the US that use PayPal will have an increased fee to 6.5%.

Payment is due in 48 hours after your link is created. If you do not pay in time, your request will be cancelled. (If you need more time to pay, please let me know with the estimated date.)

No cancellations after Payment #1. No returns.

Even if you do have a personal order, you should contact through the contact form for updates.

Updates to your order will be updated in your Order History on your Account page.

If you cancel requests on me 3 times before Payment 1, I may refuse future requests from you. Please understand that research and pulling your order together takes time and effort.

For contact, please provide BOTH twitter and email, OR email only. Twitter only is not acceptable.

If you request is for a preorder, you must agree to wait for the items when you are given the link to Payment 1.

If you have never bought from me, please read all the rules carefully.

Trusted Customers will get priority in the case I run out of spots.

If you want to show appreciation: Please upload your orders on social media with me tagged or a link to my site. Thank you very much. Tips are currently accepted through Ko-fi.

I pack items to have the lowest weight. If you need more packaging like a box, you need to notify me as soon as possible (before packing).

In general, proxy buys and regular store orders ARE NOT COMBINED and cannot be combined. Please don't expect or ask them to be combined.

Order statuses:

  1. Payment accepted
  2. Items ordered
  3. Items received
  4. Processing in progress
  5. Shipped


Some "hidden" fees that may not be apparent to you on websites:

  • Shipping (to me) fee
  • Processing fee
  • Handling fee

Additional fee list (if applicable):

  • Otamart fee
  • Research fee
  • Especially large or difficult order additional fee
  • Payment via PayPal fee

Application is below.