Tiger's Playground Trusted Customer Program

This program is designed to allow loyal buyers to use certain benefits as long as they agree to certain terms and conditions.


I want to be able to offer the cheapest prices and shipping to all my customers, but some buyers take advantage of various financial systems to get free merchandise while leaving me to foot the bill. Normally, a business would have to compensate for these kinds of losses by incurring higher rates for all customers. Instead, I would like to reward customers who always make sure I'm getting paid for my services. I started the Trusted Customer Program to offer these customers more buying options and more access to the goods they want. All customers who have bought from me before are eligible to enter the program, as long as they agree to show me common decency.


Current benefit: Access to cheaper shipping with no tracking, for people who want to save on shipping and aren't worried about losing their mail.

Possible future benefits: Access to personal requests, preferred suggestion box, exclusive group orders, and loyal customer discounts (TBD).



  1. You must have purchased from me in the past.
  2. You must have a registered customer account on this site.
  3. You must agree to the terms below.

If you are a new customer, please make at least one eligible purchase normally before applying for the Trusted Customer Program.


  1. If you choose to ship via airmail with no tracking, you know that you have an option to choose shipping with tracking, but you willingly choose a shipping option with no tracking, knowing very well that you will not be reimbursed if the package is lost or stolen.
  2. You agree to not request a refund or open a dispute due to reasons regarding the timing of shipping, including but not limited to delayed shipping, lost shipments, stolen shipments, returned shipments. You understand that shipments can be delayed by natural disasters, weather, holidays, customs, and by not fitting into your mailbox.
  3. For other reasons, such as the wrong item was shipped, etc., you agree to contact me THROUGH THE CONTACT FORM on my website about any issue involving your order before using a third party (PayPal, financial institution, etc.) to open a dispute. NOTE: Before opening a claim on PayPal, they will ask if you have try to contact the seller directly. If there is no proof of contact to me via the contact form on this site, I will state in the PayPal claim that you did not try to contact me about this matter, i.e. that you lied when creating the claim.
  4. If a shipment is returned to the store, you agree to pay for reshipping (at least partially) or restocking if no longer wanted.
  5. If you break this agreement, you may be barred from the program and/or the store indefinitely.

These terms are set up to protect me as a seller from fraud. Of course, any and all issues with your order may be addressed through the proper contact means.

More information

1. If you plan to use the airmail no tracking shipping option (this option is still unavailable in Mexico due to long delivery delays)

As with all packages, it is possible for the package to be lost or stolen. With tracking, the postal service will be able to look into the matter and let you know what they believe has happened. Without tracking, I cannot answer any questions to the whereabouts of you package after I have shipped it.

The time to receive registered and normal airmail is about the same. The difference is one is traceable.

Thus, no refund or reimbursement will be given in the event your non-registered package is lost or stolen. You will always have the option to choose shipping via registered mail (with tracking), so if you have lost mail before, please use a shipping method via tracking, which is only $4 more. The option to use tracking or not is 100% your decision. I always recommend the tracking option above all else; but if safer shipping and peace of mind is not worth $4 to you, please take responsibility for your decisions.

2. About contact

With regards to order inquiries, please try to contact via the contact form on this website and not through social media or email before opening disputes via PayPal, etc. The best form of contact is through the contact form on this site.

For inquiries about your orders, please feel free to contact at any time for any concerns you may have, but please note, again, no refund or reimbursement will be offered for a package that is deemed lost or stolen.

How to apply

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